David Kennerley

DAVID KENNERLEY is a journalist specializing in LGBTQ culture. For nearly two decades, he has been an Arts & Entertainment reporter for Gay City News, A New York City based LGBTQ newspaper and website. David’s work has been widely published in other outlets including Metro New York, Genre magazine, and Bravo TV.

Originally from the farmlands of Pennsylvania, David moved to NYC and became addicted to nightlife of the 1990s, where he became a club flyer hoarder and an unexpected expert on queer nightlife.

Massive dance clubs like the Roxy, Palladium, Limelight, and Tunnel drew fiercely passionate crowds and when it was time to leave, promoters handed out flyers for the next week’s parties. Most people tossed them on the sidewalk, but David saved each and every one.

Now with a collection of over 200 eye-popping flyers, not only visually stunning but tell a story of a unique movement in the history of LGBTQ communities, reeling from the AIDS crisis and promoting nightspots as a refuge. David Kennerley’s book, GETTING IN showcases the queer nightclub culture and provides a rare look inside a historic decade in gay history and culture.   

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