Ken Felts

Ken Felts My Handful of Stars” chronicles the life of a ninety-year-old gay man who had never come to terms with his gift of homosexuality. Born in 1930 during the great depression, he grew up first in a small Western Kansas town and was indoctrinated into a somewhat, fundamental Christian church. After his first male-to-male sexual experience, the influence of the church teachings to which he had been exposed forced him to internalize his homosexuality, and most of his life was spent as a straight-acting, closeted homosexual. He eventually “outed” himself to his daughter and then the world.

After coming out, author Kenneth Felts has appeared on many national and international T.V. shows telling the story of his life, including his four years as a Navy Personnel man on a minesweeper during the Korean War. He also talks about the difficulty of straight-acting in a non-accepting and dangerous world. The period of change resulting from the Stonewall Riots as well as the Vietnam protester movement created an atmosphere that eventually made it safe to come out of the closet. The Book My Handful of Stars” chronicles now available atĀ AmazonĀ 

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