Paul Hunghe AKA Lee’roy

Paul Hunghe AKA Lee’roy was born in Glasgow, Scotland and completed his undergraduate degree in Film Studies at University of Glasgow. He spent 20 years working in fashion in London, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai before moving to Sydney in 2019.

Paul is largely influenced by fashion, street art and club culture. His style of painting is probably best explained as a palimpsest. They are layer upon layer of versions of the same work. He is an appropriation artist and works mainly in acrylic on canvas using mixed media and collage.

Paul Hunghe AKA Lee’roy current work has superhero’s as a central theme. He places familiar characters in compromising positions and imagines how his childhood hero’s would react to some of the political and social challenges we currently face. Super Hero’s represent the very best and worst aspects of human character and it is these contradictions and the explicit nature of the work that demand your attention! Find out more at Lee Roy Styrene.

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