Reece Carter

Reece Carter is an Australian fantasy author who’s debut book, A Girl Called Corpse was first published in Australia and then internationally in the UK, Italy, Spain & Norway. It has gone on to become a beloved and bestselling children’s novel. Since then Reece allowed his imagination to run wild yet again to release his spooky follow up book, The Lonely Lighthouse of Elston-Fright.

Reece was raised in rural Western Australia and began writing short stories whilst in High School. He now resides in Sydney with his flat haired retriever, Hagrid who was inspiration for a character in his books.    

love for stories especially those filled with whimsy, magic, and a little bit of weirdness began as a child growing up in rural Western Australia. There was an unfortunate lack of witches and ghosts on his family farm, and so Reece had to find them in books instead.

It wasn’t until high school though that Reece thought to try his hand at writing his own stories. He loved it, and never looked back.

Reece now lives in Sydney. When not reading or writing, he can usually be found talking to his dog, Hagrid, and hoping that one of these days Hagrid might decide to talk back.

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